Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Update to the World's Lamest Blog ;)

It’s about time for a 2012 blog update, still of big fan of Linux and Android. I have been an Ubuntu fan since
around 2005 but bloat and the Unity desktop has got me pretty devoted to Linux Mint. I have Linux Mint Debian
on my Dell OptiPlex and Linux Mint 12 on the Dell 2400.  I usually use an Xfce desktop but Gnome isn’t bad with Mint. I just like Xfce, I know how it works and I just love the little mouse. I was even a KDE fan for years
but I gave up for a while after the KDE 2.4 confusion, I downloaded Linux Mint KDE 12 the other night and might even give it a try again, been hearing KDE is getting more stable lately.

My trusty Dell Mini 9 has run Peppermint Two Linux for some time but instead of the typical OpenBox desktop, I use Xfce 4.8 and I am quite pleased with performance. This is my favorite web surfing, Google+ box. A new Acer Iconia A100 tablet has been in the etech inventory, it’s fun for very mobile web use, gmail and Twitter. I had to root it after about a week with instructions at

Battery life is fairly precious on the A100 but I like Android 3.2 and app selections. My aging T-Mobile Huawei
Comet is still around. It’s quite slow at times but being a pre-paid phone, it was cheap (about $79) and it
runs me about $8 a month with no-contract.

Who needs a Smartbook these days? I don’t plan on supporting Microsoft 8 in anyway in the future and any
new Smartbooks, tablets or cellphones I use must use Linux or Android. Android will be merging back into the
Linux kernels around 3.3 so it’s moving the right way.

In the social media world, I have shut down my Facebook account (Evd Jones), hopefully for the last time. I am
still on Twitter (etech18) and my favorite at present is Google+ for the techi content. I use my real name on G+, Billy Jones.  See me at

I am a fully certified distro hopper but I think Jolicould may be the most interesting cloud based Linux "distro" I've loaded up lately. It's very light, wicked fast and cloud-centric. See my wreched presence at