Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rapidly deplyable wireless mesh networks using layer-3 OLSR routing

Being a Linux monkey and ham radio operator, I just got my "spare" WRT54GL router setup with as a HSMM-MESH node, N5EVD-1.  I find HSMM-MESH interesting since it combines my loves of ham radio, networking and Linux computing.  Already thinking about a Mini-ITX Ubuntu server in a NEMA box with my node ;)  I would like experiment with fixed and mobile Mesh networking for use in future public service and emergency response events.  

Also looking at Freifunk Firmware used to build citywide wireless intranets by meshing with layer-3  OLSR routing.

Check out


  1. Hi

    My name is Alex Casanova (EA5HJX). I´m also interested in deploy networks with mesh protocols. I´m from Valencia (Spain) and I working in a project called (

    I think mesh is very interesting to deploy networks in emergency situations. I´m a volunteer of Red Cross in Spain.

    Best Regards

  2. Alex,
    The Freifunk Firmware has been used to build citywide wireless intranets check

    I have worked with the American Red Cross in disaster response.

    Billy, N5EVD