Monday, May 16, 2011

Peppermint Ice

Thinking of moving the Dell Mini 9 back to Peppermint Ice.

Peppermint Ice is a derivative of Peppermint One. It replaces Firefox as the default browser with Chromium, as well as replacing Mozilla Prism in favor of Kendall Tristan's Ice SSB. Ice also drops printer support and other minor features in an attempt to be faster and lighter than Peppermint One.

Default Ice applications include:

Pixlr [Image Editor]
Seesmic Web
The Cloud Player
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Mail
Google Reader

Locally installed applications:

Chromium Web Browser
Xnoise [Music Management & Player]
X-Chat [IRC Client]
Transmission [Bit Torrent Client]

Release history
Peppermint OS uses a hybrid release schedule. Updates are rolled out as needed in a rolling release
fashion. Periodically a re-spin is released which incorporates minor bug fixes and recent updates

Initial Release July 20, 2010
Respin 10012010 - Released October 2, 2010
Respin 20110302 - Released March 7th, 2011
The LFFL repository was been added. Some region specific SSBs, such as Hulu and Pandora, were removed from the default installation. Some space saving optimizations were made to the .iso.

I might load the b43 driver from the gma500 ppa to fix up Wifi and Graphics, let you know....

Billy, etech18 @ Twitter

(Latest) - I loaded Xfce under Peppermint Ice re-spin and it is running great.  I am a happy camper now.  Loaded hotot and heybuddy to keep connected and what a cool distro !!!

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