Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still distro hopping!

I backed up the Panasonic CF-72 running Salix Xfce last night to my 500G portable hard drive, 3 hours of fun. I still like Salix Xfce, it's very stable but since it is based on Slackware, but good luck running things like the Chrome browser or the Amazon MP3 downloader, or other exotic apps ;)

Thinking about moving the CF-72 to BSD "UNIX".  PC-BSD is fairly easy, been running it since 2.1 or so but I would love to try OpenBSD on this machine. It is a bit harder to setup but OpenBSD is very secure.   PC-BSD 9.0 (still in Alpha) till June/July 2011, will offer the ability to select system “meta-pkgs” at install / post-install time.  This is a huge departure from previous PC-BSD releases. Now you will be able to customize your installed desktop easily, with various window managers such as KDE4, Gnome2, XFCE4, and LXDE. After installation, you can easily add / remove components of these meta-pkgs via the System Manager.

On the small front, the Dell Mini 9 is still on Pinguy OS since it looks and runs so well. Its got Docky and Conky running well. I had to work on the Conky a bit. I do miss the Xfce. Got to love the little mouse.

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