Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fedora 14 Xfce on the Dell Mini 9 - Sucess !

I got Fedora 14 Xfce installed on the Dell Mini 9. After the typical Fedora install, I had head over to RPM Fusion with Firefox to load the Free and Nonfree Repositories, but this was very easy just click-and-load and authorize as root. I loaded the “non-free” kmod-wl driver due to the Broadcom wireless card in the Mini 9. After a restart, we got wireless LAN.

If you run Fedora, the RPM Fusion Repositories are at: http://rpmfusion.org/Configuration

My Mini 9 has had so many distros on it, but the SSD is holding up well. It came with the Dell tweeked Ubuntu remix, I updated to the latest immediately, ran with Kubuntu for awhile till I ran into the KDE 4X issues (too wiggy for me). I tried #! Crunchbang Linux and that was a winner. It’s dark and ran very well but my “hackerness” brought me back to Xfce. IMHO, it seems Ubuntu is getting a bit wiggy. First it was the menu buttons on the top left, which I promptly fixed back, and Kubuntu is ok but always held back a bit., now the whole Unity thing. Anyway it's Fedora for awhile. You mileage may vary ;)

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