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Web TV Research Notes

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(Moving the WWW from the PC to the living room)

What are the holdups? licensing issues, payments?

The Internet is taking over everything these days including television (cable and satellite).

A few examples of how the 'net is taking over television!

(Step 1 - connect your TV to a PC and the web)
By connecting an Internet connected PC to your television, you can download TV shows, movies, etc.

How to connect a TV to a PC?
Using various cables

HDMI cable (the best way but you would need a video card with an HDMI output) The old "High-Definition Multimedia Interface"

DVI Cable ("Digital Visual Interface", It is partially compatible with the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) standard in digital mode(DVI-D), and VGA in analog mode (DVI-A).

S-Video CableVGA Cable

See the following websites


If you can handle techi issues. Check out Neuros LINK runs Ubuntu Linux and it comes pre-installed with the Firefox web browser, Boxee and many other applications. Thousands of othersfrom Google Chrome to Miro are just a few clicks away. The Neuros LINK is also the ideal platform for playback of downloaded content and archivedvideo content, you can plug in a USB storage device or stream from your local network. (Firefox browser and registration required) !!!

TV is moving to the Internet, examples of personal favorites..

A list of Web TV Sites

(New Sites) (need a Verizon, DISH, Cox Media or subscription) (The free open source Miro video player!) (Subscription based but a big dog)(Coming Up)

(Net TV Guides)

The Web for TV (per Google TV)FactsThe average American watches TV five (5) hours per day$70 Billion Dollars a Year on Television (US)There are about 4 billion TV users world wide, mobile phone market ~2 billion, PC users market ~1 billion

Radio Sites

This document is a work in progress, if you know of any good TV video websites, please let me know.

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